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    Billing Management System 2016-11-07

    Billing Management System Topscomm Billing Management System is developed based on B/S framework and utilities business demands, available to realize the comprehensive management of utilities business and be integrated with AMI system. This system supports customer relationship management (CRM) and energy vending charge management. And it is integrated with variety of standardized business expansion process, available to expand as per practical needs. This system supports the information management of metering assets, metering sides and metering system, providing power utility with the real-time information unified monitoring of purchase, supply and sell. Main Functions: 1. User account open, change and maintenance; 2. Electricity tariff information release and notice; 3. Taking user archive data as the management center, business expansion process can be simplified; 4. Get electricity usage data through automatic reading or manual reading; 5. Calculate tariff and charge; 6. Support single tariff, step tariff and multi-tariff; 7. Support remote prepayment or post payment management; 8. Manage the information of power supply network, organization, etc.; 9. Assets management and inventory management. System Advantages: 1. Integrated well with AMI system, easy to operate, greatly simplify the charging and calculating operation of business staff; 2. Support prepayment and post payment; 3. Support multiple billing methods, like single tariff, multi-tariff, step tariff, basic tariff,power factor adjustment tariff, etc.; 4. Easy to expand multiple ways of charging, like mobile payment, cell-phone application, etc; 5. Easy to expand customized business expansion process; 6. With high performance,encryption of important data and multiple access rights to ensure the high security of data; 7. Easy to upgrade and not affect the daily business.

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