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  • Topscomm Photovoltaic Power Management System
    Topscomm Photovoltaic Power Management System 2016-11-07

    Topscomm Photovoltaic Power Management System Topscomm Photovoltaic Power Management System is researched and developed relaying on the years’ accumulated technology in power industry. The system is used to realize solar power generating monitoring & controlling, faults detection, events reporting, data operation & maintenance, to improve the power generating and maintenance efficiency, and finally achieve the maximum benefit for the power plants. Topscomm Photovoltaic Power Management System basically consists of power generating units (solar panels), PLC communication modules, PV inverters and the master station. Each solar panel is connected with a PLC module, and the inverter is equipped with built-in PLC module. The data and events are reported through PLC communication and finally uploaded to the master station through wireless communication, Ethernet, Internet etc. The system is featured with single solar panel detection functions, it is capable to achieve quick and precise fault positioning. It is also combined with the Topscomm self-developed photovoltaic power monitoring & management software in master station, which is able to greatly reduce the labor intensity of in large power solar power plants and also improve the power generating capacity. Main Features: 1.Solar power generating monitoring and controlling; 2.Single solar panel fault detection; 3.Events and alarms automatically report; 4.PV Inverter components control; 5.Data operation & maintenance.

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  • Wind Turbine Control System
    Wind Turbine Control System 2016-11-07

    Wind Turbine Control System The Wind Turbine Control System is the core unit of modern wind turbines, which is utilized for wind turbine controlling according to the wind speed & wind direction.The system is able to operate under stable voltage and frequency of the power grid, and is capable to automatically connect to the grid or get off the grid. The system is also able to monitor the operating temperature, the abnormal emergence etc., to ensure the safety and reliability of wind turbines, and finally achieve the maximum utilization of natural wind. System construction: Topscomm wind turbine control consists of nacelle control cabinet, tower base control cabinet and the master station software. i). The nacelle control cabinet locates in the top of the wind turbine tower, it communicates with the tower base control cabinet by PLC. The cabinet is mainly used to acquire the electricity information of the power grid, to record the wind direction, wind speed, the generator speed and the operating temperature, to realize yaw/pitch control. ii). The tower base control cabinet locates at the bottom of the wind turbine tower. It communicates with nacelle control cabinet by PLC, communicates with the master station by Ethernet, to monitor and control the complete wind turbines. iii). The wind turbine control software is installed in the master station. It provides the entire software solution for wind turbines, including the control cabinets as well as the pitch, converter, yaw and other systems  to realize remote control and supervision of the entire wind power plants and the individual wind turbines. System Features: 1. Support multiple communication protocol and communication interface, with higher compatibility; 2. Equipped with the advanced Topscomm PLC communication technology, to ensure the communication stability and reliability; 3. With good ability to deal with faults under abnormal conditions to ensure the safety and reliability of the wind turbines; 4. With power grid parameters, wind conditions, on-site temperature parameters detection functions to ensure automatic grid connecting or off-grid control; 5. Yaw and pitch components monitoring and controlling the according to wind conditions, to improve the operation efficiency and power generating quality.

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