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  • Data Collection Operation & Maintenance
    Data Collection Operation & Maintenance 2016-11-07

    Data Collection Operation & Maintenance Within the stated contract date, to enhance the data indexes of the specified equipment and maintain them to the request level of the customer, to ensure the on-line rate, the successful collection rate and accuracy of the field equipment. Topscomm has rich experiences on data collection and maintenance services of energy meters, data collectors, data concentrators, private transformers, load control terminals, power distribution terminals etc. ADVANTAGES: 1. Topscomm is committed to the R & D and technical services for smart grid data acquisition, we are technology-driven based to complete various communication operation & maintenance services. Presently, there is a large technical team with more than 1,500 engineers, and equipped with all kinds of professional equipment and more than 1,000 vehicles vehicles. 2.With self-owned operation and maintenance management platform: for the complete engineering and operation & maintenance project management, to display all projects in the project amount, project progress, project content, project personnel and other details, is able to used all projects control, to ensure the progress and quality of the project, to provide the customer with the best service.

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  • Line Loss Management
    Line Loss Management 2016-11-08

    Line Loss Management The line loss management in low-voltage grid is a complex system engineering, it involves all aspects of the enterprise, it requiring standardization, technicalization, to avoid spending a lot of manpower and resources. Topscomm owns the core patented technology with own intellectual property rights of products, has the professional technical team, owns the advanced line loss control products and services, Topscomm has achieved the real line loss control in past engineering projects and greatly benefit the utilities. ADVANTAGES: 1.With professional engineers team in power industry, has a wealth of experience and professional understanding of the power equipment, high-quality work can be completed. 2. Technical advantages: based on the PLC communication technology to realize phase identification, abnormal wiring identification, power data acquisition and transformer area power loss analysis.

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  • Engineering Installation
    Engineering Installation 2016-11-07

    Engineering Installation To complete the specified equipment installation, rectification as per the requirement of the customer, and to ensure the acceptance quality. Topscomm has professional technical capacity and excellent of the construction team, also has rich experience in construction management, has a strong ability to settle the construction problems. ADVANTAGES: 1. Standardize project management model; 2. Excellent project planning, statistics and information management; 3. With best customer-centric service; 4. Familiar with the equipment properties and characteristics, equipment could operate more stable and reliable.

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  • Coordination of Operation and Distribution
    Coordination of Operation and Distribution 2016-11-07

    Coordination of Operation and Distribution It means the cooperation between different departments of Project Operation and Power Distribution, to achieve the data consistency interpenetration, and finally realize the data consistency among SG186 system (Business system for Project Operation Dept.), PMS (Power Distribution management system for Power Distribution Dept.), and GIS (Geographic Information System for smart grid). ADVANTAGES: 1. With computer system integration qualification; 2. Wealth of geographic information collection and input projects, as well as project cases and experiences; 3. In-depth research and development of GIS geographic systems and the related applications, formed a complete GIS solution 4. Specially developed data acquisition software  for hand held unit, to ensure the project data collection quality.

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